Damages refers to the money paid or awarded to a claimant (UK) or plaintiff (US) following a successful claim in a civil action.

Case Study

Corporate Valuations Expert Involving Intellectual Property

A corporate valuations expert with experience evaluating commercial success was needed for a patent case.

Case Study

Concert Industry Expert in Damages Calculations

A concert industry expert in damages calculations was needed for a breach of contract suit involving a concert performer.

Case Study

Economic Evaluation Expert in Medical Imaging

An economic evaluation expert in medical imaging was needed for a patent infringement action.

Case Study

Real Estate Appraisal Expert for Residential Damages Case

A real estate appraisal expert was needed for a residential damages case.

Case Study

Construction Damages Expert in Civil Infrastructure Projects

A construction damages expert was needed to evaluate economic damages resulting from a construction accident.

Case Study

Human Capital Expert for Damages Valuation

A human capital expert was needed to assess the degree of business interruption and lost profits resulting from mass defection of a company's sales force.

Case Study

Labor Economics Expert for Damages Analysis

A labor economist and damages expert at the Ph.D. level was requested for a labor and employment case alleging retaliatory termination.


Punitives: Insurers Lose One and Prevail in Another

Insurance companies won one and lost one in two recent appeals of multi-million-dollar punitive damages awards. While both cases hinged on the insurers' duty of good faith and fair dealing, the two appellate courts reached opposite outcomes on whether the duty applied.