Economic Analysis

An economic analysis is the comparison, with money as the index, of those costs and benefits to the wider economy that can be reasonably quantified, including all social costs and benefits of a project.


$2B Antitrust Case Survives Expert Challenges – Key Learnings

When a federal judge issues an opinion chocked full of expert witness challenges and rulings in a massive class action alleging over $2 billion in overcharges, we make it our business to listen.

Case Study

Petroleum Industry Economics Analyst

A petroleum industry economics analyst was needed for a breach of contract suit over a build and lease agreement in connection with a deep-water oil drilling rig.

Case Study

Business Accounting Expert for Malfeasance Case

A business accounting expert experienced in business valuations of closely held companies was needed for a case involving allegations of malfeasance.

Case Study

144A Bonds Expert in Investment Banking

A 144A bonds expert was needed for an investment banking class action suit alleging auditing malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty.

Case Study

Economic Damages Expert for Electronic Design Automation Trade Secrets Case

An economic damages expert who is knowledgeable about the electronic design automation (EDA) industry or EDA software was requested for a breach of contract case.