Economics is the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

Case Study

Structured Products Expert in Asset-Backed Securities

A structured products expert in asset-backed securities (ABS) was needed for a patent infringement case involving computer software products used in the finance industry for structuring automobile lease securitizations.


What Freakonomics Can Teach You About Experts

The wildly popular book Freakonomics was the result of a partnership between economist Steven D. Levitt and writer Stephen J. Dubner. This best-selling book took complex economic theories and applied them to cheating teachers, odd baby names and drug dealers in a way that the mainstream public both understood and enjoyed.

Case Study

Ponzi Scheme Expert in Forensic Accounting

A Ponzi scheme expert in forensic accounting was needed for a lawsuit filed by a bankruptcy trustee against an investor and major bank.

Case Study

Pay-Per-Click Experts in Search Engine Marketing

A pay-per-click expert familiar with search engine marketing was requested for various types of litigation.

Case Study

Royalty Rate Expert in Surgical Equipment

A royalty rate expert in surgical equipment was needed for a patent infringement and breach of contract suit.

Case Study

Corporate Management Expert in pre-Sarbanes Oxley Case

A corporate management expert was needed for a pre-Sarbanes Oxley class action case involving various plaintiffs verses a bankrupt telecommunications giant and its officers, directors, auditor, investment banker, and others.

Case Study

Financial Economics Expert in Securities Fraud

A financial economics expert with experience in securities fraud was needed for a stockholder class action securities fraud case.

Case Study

Predatory Pricing Expert in Monopolization Pre-Litigation

A predatory pricing expert was needed for a monopolization pre-litigation matter.

Case Study

Credit Risk Management Expert in Modeling Analytics

A credit risk management expert was sought to opine on modeling analytics for a consumer class action against a major credit reporting organization.

Case Study

Competitive Economics Expert for Conspiracy Case

A competitive economics expert with linen industry knowledge was needed for a conspiracy case alleging violations of the Sherman Act.