Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is an agency of the federal government of the United States charged to protect human health and the environment.

Case Study

Wastewater Engineering Expert in Land Application Systems

A wastewater engineering expert in land application systems was needed to consult on regulatory compliance.

Case Study

Water Quality Expert in Pollution Prevention Systems

A water quality expert with knowledge of pollution prevention systems and EPA compliance standards was sought for environmental regulatory consultation.

Case Study

Toxicology Expert in Groundwater Contamination

A toxicology expert in groundwater contamination was needed for a toxic tort case involving chlorinated solvents, especially trichloroethylene, TCE, and perchlorethylene, PCE.

Case Study

Mold Assessment Relevant to HVAC Systems

A mold assessment expert was requested for an economic damages case involving the redesigning, remodeling, and rebuilding of schools due to the alleged growth of mold within the schools.

Case Study

Asbestos Expert in Passive Exposure from Vermiculite Packaging Materials

An asbestos expert in mineralogy and the relation of asbestos to vermiculite was needed for a product liability case.