Fiduciary Duty

A fiduciary duty is a legal or ethical relationship of confidence or trust between two or more parties.


A Corporation as an Expert Witness?

The Delaware Chancery Court recently addressed a novel question that bordered on the metaphysical (or, perhaps more appropriately, the absurd): May a party designate a corporation to serve as an expert witness? Continue reading to learn how the court handled this peculiar expert witness request.

Case Study

Applied Investments Expert

An applied investments expert was needed for a breach of trust action alleging mismanagement of trust fund investments comprised of fixed income investments.

Case Study

Securities Investment Compliance Expert

A securities investment compliance expert was needed for a class action securities fraud action involving a financial services investment company.

Case Study

Concert Industry Expert in Damages Calculations

A concert industry expert in damages calculations was needed for a breach of contract suit involving a concert performer.

Case Study

Brokerage Expert in Hedge Fund Trading

A brokerage expert in hedge fund trading was needed for a breach of contract arbitration.

Case Study

Commercial Property Expert and Real Estate Broker

A commercial property expert and real estate broker was needed for a professional malpractice case.

Case Study

Insolvency Expert in Revenue Bonds

An insolvency expert in revenue bonds was needed for a securities case.

Case Study

Fiduciary Duty Expert in Collateralized Debt Obligations

A fiduciary duty expert in fiduciary duty securities law and disclosure obligations was needed for arbitration in a failure to disclose issue.