Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics is the study of fluid flow and the factors which affect it; commonly broken down into fluid statics and fluid dynamics.

Case Study

Forensic Meteorology Expert in Hurricane Impacts

A forensic meteorology expert in hurricane impacts was sought for an insurance case.

Case Study

Oil Pipeline Expert in Flow Sensors

An oil pipeline expert in flow sensors and instrumentation was needed for a damages case involving structural failure and fluid dynamics.

Case Study

Fluid Dynamics Expert in Porosity and Stress Tolerance

A fluid dynamics expert in porosity and stress tolerance was requested to perform intellectual property valuation services in a bankruptcy case.

Case Study

Turbine Generator Expert in Microturbine Design

A turbine generator expert was sought for a breach of contract case involving microturbine technology.

Case Study

Fluid Mechanics Expert in Underground Pipelines

A fluid mechanics expert in underground pipelines was needed for a breach of contract case involving underground utilities.

Case Study

Biofluid Mechanics Expert in Vascular Stent Design

A biofluid mechanics expert with experience in vascular stent design was needed for a patent infringement case.