Forensic Analysis

Forensic analyss (often shortened to forensics) is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions of interest to a legal system.

Case Study

Indenture Trustee Expert in Forensic Banking

An indenture trustee expert in forensic banking was needed for a professional malpractice case in the securities industry.

Case Study

Biomedical Engineer for Balloon Catheter Infringement Case

A biomedical engineer was sought for a patent infringement case involving balloon dilation catheters.

Case Study

Adsorption Expert in Activated Carbon

An adsorption expert with activated carbon expertise was needed to provide forensic analysis for a class action suit.

Case Study

Marine Biology Expert in Biofouling Organisms

A marine biology expert was needed for an economic damages case involving the collapse of a commercial wharf.

Case Study

Vehicle Systems Expert for Product Liability Case

A vehicle systems expert with expertise in recreational vehicles was requested for forensic analysis of damaged recreational vehicles at the heart of a breach of implied warranty and violation of Consumer Protection Act matter.

Case Study

Digital Rights Management Software Expert in Data Encryption

A digital rights management software expert was needed for a patent dispute.