Gaming is the playing of a game that is legally sanctioned, most often gambling, but can also refer to video, on-line or table-top games.

Case Study

Electronics Expert in Human Computer Interface

An electronics expert in human computer interface was needed for a patent infringement dispute involving the alleged unlicensed use and sale of certain infringing consumer electronics

Case Study

Electronic Payment Systems Expert in Bill Validation Devices

An electronic payment systems expert was sought for a patent infringement action involving bill validation devices for casino gaming machines.

Case Study

Casino Gaming Technology Expert in Slot Machine Software

A casino gaming technology expert with slot machine software knowledge was needed for patent infringement litigation.

Case Study

Casino Industry Expert in Player Tracking

A casino industry expert with knowledge of player tracking was needed for white collar crime litigation.

Case Study

Cognitive Psychology Expert in Gambling Behaviors

A cognitive psychology expert with knowledge of electronic gambling machines and electronic casino gaming devices was needed for an economic damages case.