Groundwater Contamination

Groundwater contamination are pollutants that are discharged directly or indirectly into the groundwater without adequate treatment to remove harmful compounds.

Case Study

Environmental Engineering Expert in Chlorinated Solvents

An environmental engineering expert was needed to consult on groundwater contamination by trichloroethylene, an industrial chlorinated solvent.

Case Study

Ion Exchange Resins Expert in Decontamination

An ion exchange resins expert was needed for trade secrets litigation involving technology for water decontamination in nuclear reactors.

Case Study

Toxicology Expert in Groundwater Contamination

A toxicology expert in groundwater contamination was needed for a toxic tort case involving chlorinated solvents, especially trichloroethylene, TCE, and perchlorethylene, PCE.

Case Study

Environmental Toxicology Expert in Ammonium Perchlorate Contamination

An environmental toxicology expert in ammonium perchlorate contamination was sought for an economic damages case where an aerospace company was seeking contractual relief for environmental damages caused by its research.