Intellectual Property (IP)

Intellectual property is any product of someone’s intellect that has commercial value, especially copyrighted material, patents, and trademarks.


Amazon Takes Aim at Patent Infringement in its Marketplace

Amazon’s Utility Patent Neutral Evaluation Procedure (UPNEP) may be the next step in detracting counterfeiters.

Case Study

Online Activity Monitoring Expert

An online activity monitoring expert with expertise in website tracking was needed for an intellectual property case involving issues of patent validity and infringement.

Case Study

Advertising Market Research Technology Expert

An advertising market research technology expert was needed in a patent infringement, misappropriation of trade secrets, and breach of contract case.

Case Study

Chemistry Expert in Paper Products

A chemistry expert in paper products was needed in a patent case to defend against claims of patent infringement.

Case Study

Memory Technology Analyst in Flash Memory

A memory technology analyst in flash memory was needed for a patent infringement suit in an intellectual property case involving a leading international information technology and communication company.

Case Study

Aircraft Navigation Systems Expert

An aircraft navigation systems expert was needed with extensive hands-on, industry experience in aviation cockpit navigation equipment.

Case Study

Corporate Valuations Expert Involving Intellectual Property

A corporate valuations expert with experience evaluating commercial success was needed for a patent case.

Case Study

Semiconductor Manufacturing Expert in MOS Transistors

A semiconductor manufacturing expert with knowledge of semiconductor structures and devices containing both high-voltage and low-voltage MOS transistors was needed for a patent invalidity dispute.

Case Study

Patent Law Expert in Claim Construction

A patent law expert in claim construction was needed for infringement analysis.

Case Study

Trading Systems Expert in Equity Securities

A trading systems expert with equity securities experience was needed for a patent infringement matter.