Java is a platform-independent object-oriented programming language.

Case Study

Real-Time Systems Expert

A real-time systems protocol expert was needed for alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract dispute involving management software utilized in connection with network monitoring.

Case Study

Mainframe Computer Expert in Assembly Language Programming

A mainframe computer expert in assembly language programming was needed for a trade secrets case.

Case Study

Auditing Software Expert in Telecom Billing Analysis

An auditing software expert specializing in telecommunications industry software telecom billing analysis and auditing was needed for a case alleging copyright infringement.

Case Study

Software Forensics Expert in C++, Java

A software forensics expert with expertise in a variety of programming languages, notably C++ and Java, was sought for an intellectual property case alleging copyright infringement.

Case Study

Object Oriented Programming Expert in Mathematical Software

An object oriented programming expert in mathematical software was needed for a patent infringement action involving computer software for data analysis.

Case Study

Email Marketing Expert in Image Tags

An email marketing expert was requested for a patent infringement case between technology companies in the online direct marketing industry.