Mortgage Loan

A mortgage loan is a loan secured by real property through the use of a document which evidences the existence of the loan and the encumbrance of that realty through the granting of a mortgage which secures the loan.

Case Study

Residential Mortgage Loan Repurchase Expert

A residential mortgage loan repurchase expert was needed for a breach of contract dispute involving alleged breach of terms of a mortgage repurchase agreement.

Case Study

Mortgage Servicing Expert in Subprime Mortgages

A mortgage servicing expert was needed for a breach of contract case in subprime mortgages.

Case Study

Mortgage Lending Expert in APR Calculation

A mortgage lending expert in APR calculation was needed for class action litigation alleging violations of the Truth in Lending Act, also known as Regulation Z.

Case Study

Residential Mortgage Expert in Loss Mitigation

A residential mortgage expert was requested for a class action suit involving mortgage companies charging excessive fees to homebuyers for unnecessary appraisals.