Municipal Bonds

A municipal bond is a bond issued by a city or other local government, or their agencies.

Case Study

Municipal Bond Market Expert in Municipal Securities

A municipal bond market expert was needed for an injunction against a violation of securities law.

Case Study

Municipal Bond Trading Expert in Account Churning

A municipal bond trading expert with account churning knowledge was needed for securities arbitration.

Case Study

Indenture Trustee Expert in Forensic Banking

An indenture trustee expert in forensic banking was needed for a professional malpractice case in the securities industry.

Case Study

Municipal Bond Expert for Accounting Malpractice Case

A municipal bond expert was sought for an accounting malpractice case involving the bankruptcy of a not-for-profit organization.

Case Study

Bond Insurance Underwriting Standards Expert

A bond insurance underwriting standards expert was needed for an insurance dispute over claimed negligent underwriting in connection with financial guaranty insurance issued for a municipal bond.