Network Architecture

Network architecture is the design principles, physical configuration, and operational procedures for a computer or telecommunications network.

Case Study

Telecommunications Networking and Switching Expert

A telecommunications network and switching expert was needed for analysis and review of certain patents related to telecommunications network technology and multiplexing.

Case Study

Distributed Network Expert in Call Center Technology for Patent Infringement Case

A distributed network expert was needed for a patent infringement case involving call center technology.

Case Study

Network Architecture Expert in Internet Content Delivery

A network architecture expert was needed for a patent infringement case involving content delivery for internet distribution of video, music, games and downloads.

Case Study

Cellular Industry Expert in Competition Analysis

A cellular industry expert in competition analysis was needed for a breach of contract case between a provider of products for wireless networks and a wireless telecommunication company.

Case Study

Telecommunications Engineering Expert for Fraud Investigation

A telecommunications engineering expert who had experience with internet data centers, internet service providers, or network providers was needed for a fraud case.