Oil & Gas Exploration & Production

Exploration is the act of searching or traveling a terrain for the purpose of discovery of oil and gas resources and production is the act of refining and manufacturing the oil and gas for sale to the consumer.

Case Study

Petroleum Industry Economics Analyst

A petroleum industry economics analyst was needed for a breach of contract suit over a build and lease agreement in connection with a deep-water oil drilling rig.

Case Study

Forensic Accounting Expert for Oil and Gas Case

A forensic accounting expert with extensive oil and gas industry experience was needed to review overhead costs in consideration of an oil and gas exploration lease.

Case Study

International Oil Procurement Expert for Arbitration involving Joint Operating Agreement

An international oil procurement expert was requested for arbitration in a breach of contract case between a large petroleum company and the state-run petroleum company of a small South American country.

Case Study

Oil & Gas Lease Rights Expert

An oil & gas lease rights expert was needed for a breach of contract and takings dispute involving suspension of property rights under certain oil & gas leases.