Oil & Gas

Oil and gas are natural resources found below the earth’s crust that are liquid at ambient temperatures (often referred to as petroleum).

Case Study

Petroleum Industry Economics Analyst

A petroleum industry economics analyst was needed for a breach of contract suit over a build and lease agreement in connection with a deep-water oil drilling rig.

Case Study

Thermal Insulation Expert in Offshore Pipelines

A thermal insulation expert was needed for a patent infringement case involving microporous insulation for offshore oil pipelines.

Case Study

Oil and Gas Industry Expert in Asset Acquisitions

An oil and gas industry expert with acquisitions experience was required for litigation alleging breach of contract.

Case Study

Oil Industry Expert in Offshore Exploration and Production

An oil industry expert with knowledge of offshore oil exploration and production was sought for an antitrust matter.

Case Study

Chemical Storage Tank Expert in Sulfuric Acid Recovery

A chemical storage tank expert was sought to consult on failure analysis for an economic damages case involving sulfuric acid storage.

Case Study

Oil & Gas Lease Rights Expert

An oil & gas lease rights expert was needed for a breach of contract and takings dispute involving suspension of property rights under certain oil & gas leases.