Organic Chemistry

Organic chemistry is a discipline within chemistry that involves the scientific study of the structure, properties, composition, reactions, and preparation (by synthesis or by other means) of hydrocarbons and their derivatives.

Case Study

Peptide Expert in Organic Chemistry Research

A peptide expert in organic chemistry research was needed for an IP valuation regarding pharmacology.

Case Study

Organic Chemistry Expert in Dosage Forms

An organic chemistry expert was requested for a patent infringement case claiming technology for manufacturing soft gelatin, or softgel, capsules.

Case Study

Environmental Damages Expert in Superfund Remediation

An environmental damages expert was sought for a damages analysis in a case regarding a Superfund site.

Case Study

Petrochemical Expert in Oil Well Acidizing

A petrochemical expert with knowledge of oil well acidizing techniques was needed for a breach of contract case concerning intellectual assets.

Case Study

Chemical Engineering Expert in Food Wrap Polymer Composites

A chemical engineering expert was needed to consult on the use of polymers in food storage products.