Pharmaceutical Development

Pharmaceutical development is the development of products intended for use in the medical diagnosis, cure, treatment, or prevention of disease.

Case Study

Generic Pharmaceutical Expert in Supply Agreements

A generic pharmaceutical expert was needed for an arbitration hearing regarding the terms of a supply agreement.

Case Study

Drug Delivery Systems Expert in Controlled Release Pharmaceuticals

A drug delivery systems expert was sought for a patent infringement case involving controlled release pharmaceutical technology.

Case Study

Pharmaceutical Development Expert with FDA Approval Experience

A pharmaceutical development expert was sought for a misappropriation of trade secrets claim against the Food and Drug Administration.

Case Study

FDA Regulatory Expert in Stability Protocol

A stability protocol expert was needed to address the protocol issues of the clients’ anti-hypertensive medication in a patent litigation case.

Case Study

FDA Compliance Expert in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

An FDA compliance expert was sought for a wrongful termination case brought against a pharmaceutical manufacturer.