Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmaceutical marketing is the business of advertising or otherwise promoting the sale of pharmaceuticals or drugs.

Case Study

FDA Marketing Compliance Expert

An FDA marketing compliance expert was needed for a case involving allegations of pharmaceutical product mislabeling and failure to meet FDA regulations and requirements.

Case Study

Pharmaceutical Marketing Expert in Class II Medical Devices

A pharmaceutical marketing expert was requested for an antitrust case concerning Class II medical devices.

Case Study

Direct Marketing Expert in Pharmaceutical Marketing

A direct marketing expert in retail pharmacy practices and HIPAA regulations was needed for a class action suit against a national pharmacy chain.

Case Study

Pharmaceutical Marketing Expert for Female Hormone Replacement Therapy

A pharmaceutical marketing expert was needed to review the pharmaceutical marketing strategy for a female hormone replacement therapy drug in a breach of contract case.

Case Study

Pharmaceutical Sales Experts in Drug Labeling and Marketing

A pharmaceutical sales expert was needed to evaluate the marketing claims of competing pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.

Case Study

Pharmacotherapy Expert in Drug Marketing Strategies

We have located pharmacotherapy experts in drug marketing strategies, specifically for anabolic steroids as an adjunctive therapy to combat weight loss resulting from chronic infection and severe trauma.