A pipeline is a long tubular conduit or series of pipes, often underground, with pumps and valves for flow control, used to transport crude oil, natural gas, water over long distances.

Case Study

Pipeline Construction Expert in Welding Metallurgy

An oil and gas pipeline construction expert with special expertise in welding metallurgy was needed for a breach of contract case.

Case Study

Oil Pipeline Expert in Flow Sensors

An oil pipeline expert in flow sensors and instrumentation was needed for a damages case involving structural failure and fluid dynamics.

Case Study

Industrial Security Expert Fluent in Spanish

An industrial security expert with fluency in Spanish was needed for a pre-litigation assignment concerning a security incident in Mexico.

Case Study

Thermal Insulation Expert in Offshore Pipelines

A thermal insulation expert was needed for a patent infringement case involving microporous insulation for offshore oil pipelines.

Case Study

Oil Industry Expert in Offshore Exploration and Production

An oil industry expert with knowledge of offshore oil exploration and production was sought for an antitrust matter.

Case Study

Fluid Mechanics Expert in Underground Pipelines

A fluid mechanics expert in underground pipelines was needed for a breach of contract case involving underground utilities.