Point of Sale (POS)

A point of sale is a retail shop, a checkout counter in a shop, or the location where a transaction occurs.

Case Study

Electronic Payment Transaction Expert

An electronic payment transactions expert was needed for a patent infringement dispute involving point-of-sale (POS) payment systems and electronic transactions in connection with pre-paid cards.

Case Study

Credit Card Security Expert

A credit card security expert was needed with specific knowledge of Payment Card Industry-Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) as it relates to the retaining and securing of credit cardholder magnetic stripe information at point of sale (POS).

Case Study

Information Security Expert – POS Credit Card Processing

An information security expert with experience in point of sale credit card processing was needed for an action claiming violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Case Study

Industrial Design Expert in Retail Display Systems

An industrial design expert with a background in retail display systems and store fixtures was sought for a patent infringement case.

Case Study

Bar Code Technology Expert in Bi-Optic Bar Code Scanners

A bar code technology expert was requested for a patent infringement case involving optical scanners.