Polymer Science

Polymer science is the subfield of materials science concerned with polymers, primarily synthetic polymers such as plastics.

Case Study

Mattress Coil Spring Assembly Expert

A mattress coil spring assembly expert was needed for a patent infringement case involving validity claims related to a patent for a pocketed coil spring assemblies for mattresses.

Case Study

Plastic Engineering Expert in Structural Reinforcement

A plastics engineering expert with structural enforcement experience was needed for patent infringement litigation in the automotive industry.

Case Study

Chemical Engineering Expert in Food Wrap Polymer Composites

A chemical engineering expert was needed to consult on the use of polymers in food storage products.

Case Study

Polymer Chemistry Expert in Medical Grade Plastics

A polymer chemistry expert in medical grade plastics was needed for a breach of contract case.

Case Study

Medical Plastics Expert in Balloon Catheter Manufacture

A medical plastics expert knowledgeable of the manufacturing process for balloon catheters using laser bonding techniques was needed for a patent infringement case.