Professional Engineer (PE)

Professional Engineer is the term for registered or licensed engineers; sometimes issued for specific disciplines of engineering such as Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

Case Study

Firearms Design Expert in Mechanical Engineering

A firearms design expert with a mechanical engineering background was needed for patent infringement litigation.

Case Study

Mining Engineering Expert in Vertical Conveyor Systems

A mining engineering expert with a background in vertical conveyor systems was needed for a breach of contract case in the coal mining industry

Case Study

Cryogenics Expert in Biomedical Engineering

A cryogenics expert with a proficiency in biomedical engineering was requested to consult on intellectual property litigation.

Case Study

Power Transmission Expert in Electricity Distribution

A power transmission expert with knowledge of electricity distribution protocols was needed for economic damages arbitration.

Case Study

Performance Analysis Expert in ASME Standards

A performance analysis expert with knowledge of ASME standards was requested for a case alleging false advertising.