Regulation may refer to the following: A process of the promulgation, monitoring, and enforcement of rules, established by primary and/or delegated legislation. A written instrument containing rules having the force of law.

Case Study

FDA Marketing Compliance Expert

An FDA marketing compliance expert was needed for a case involving allegations of pharmaceutical product mislabeling and failure to meet FDA regulations and requirements.

Case Study

Health Insurance Billing Fraud Expert

A health insurance billing fraud expert was needed for a regulatory dispute involving claims of fraudulent medical billing practices, improper chart coding, and allegations that standards of care regarding quality assurance were breached.

Case Study

Accounting Fraud Expert in Revenue Recognition

An accounting fraud expert in revenue recognition was needed for a federal white collar criminal fraud case.

Case Study

Insurance Industry Expert in Business Interruption Products

An insurance industry expert with experience in business interruption products was needed for a case alleging professional malpractrice and regulatory violations.

Case Study

HELOC Expert in Loan Servicing

A HELOC loan expert was sought for an arbitration hearing addressing issues of standard of care for loan servicing.