Royalties are usage-based payments made by one party (the “licensee”) to another (the “licensor”) for ongoing use of an asset, sometimes an intellectual property (IP) right.

Case Study

Pharmaceutical Licensing Agreement Expert

A pharmaceutical licensing agreement expert was needed for a breach of contract case involving a dispute over biotechnology licensing, development and intellectual property agreements.


Expert’s Gut Feeling Good Enough

Although expert opinions must be based in fact, they are still individualized opinions and are occasionally, as the New Jersey Appellate Court stated on July 5, based on an expert’s “gut feeling”.

Case Study

Royalty Rate Expert in Surgical Equipment

A royalty rate expert in surgical equipment was needed for a patent infringement and breach of contract suit.

Case Study

Drug Pricing Expert in Pharmaceutical Promotional Strategy

A drug pricing expert with experience in pharmaceutical promotional strategy was needed for a royalties dispute.

Case Study

Technology Licensing Expert in Royalty Rights

A technology licensing expert with knowledge of academic contracts was needed for a license agreement dispute related to royalty rights for a technology patent.