A shareholder is an investor who legally owns one or more shares of stock therefore having a vested interest in profitability and corporate governance.


A Corporation as an Expert Witness?

The Delaware Chancery Court recently addressed a novel question that bordered on the metaphysical (or, perhaps more appropriately, the absurd): May a party designate a corporation to serve as an expert witness? Continue reading to learn how the court handled this peculiar expert witness request.

Case Study

Expert in Corporate Governance of Stock Repurchase Plan

An expert in corporate governance of stock repurchase plans was needed in a dispute alleging breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and fraud in connection with the duty of care owed by a corporate board of directors in approval of a sharehold

Case Study

Board Governance Expert in Shareholder Derivative Action

A board governance expert was needed for a shareholders derivative action.

Case Study

Corporate Accounting Expert in the Semiconductor Industry

A corporate accounting expert with knowledge of the semiconductor industry was needed for a shareholder derivative suit.

Case Study

Incentive Compensation Expert for Shareholder Derivative Suit

An incentive compensation expert with experience evaluating executive compensation and management incentive plans was needed for a shareholder derivative suit.