Sherman Act Claims

Sherman Act claims are antitrust litigations against companies and organizations suspected of engaging in cartel activities and/or monopolizing a particular market.


$2B Antitrust Case Survives Expert Challenges – Key Learnings

When a federal judge issues an opinion chocked full of expert witness challenges and rulings in a massive class action alleging over $2 billion in overcharges, we make it our business to listen.

Case Study

Credit Card Marketing Expert in Merchant Relations

A credit card marketing expert in merchant relations was needed for an antitrust case.

Case Study

Competitive Economics Expert for Conspiracy Case

A competitive economics expert with linen industry knowledge was needed for a conspiracy case alleging violations of the Sherman Act.

Case Study

Marketing Strategy Expert for Antitrust Case in Mass Marketing

A marketing strategy expert was requested for an antitrust case alleging exclusionary contracts and relative pricing programs.

Case Study

Plastic Additives Expert in Restraint of Trade

A plastic additives expert was needed for an antitrust action claiming restraint of trade.