Software refers to programs used to direct the operation of a computer.


Will the Supreme Court Weigh in on the Copyright Lawsuit of the Decade?

When two tech titans clash in court, the outcome can reverberate widely. In what has been dubbed the “copyright lawsuit of the decade,” Oracle sued Google in 2010 for infringing its copyrights in 37 Java Application Programming Interface (API) packages used in Google’s Android software platform for mobile devices.

Case Study

Electronics Expert in Human Computer Interface

An electronics expert in human computer interface was needed for a patent infringement dispute involving the alleged unlicensed use and sale of certain infringing consumer electronics

Case Study

Online Activity Monitoring Expert

An online activity monitoring expert with expertise in website tracking was needed for an intellectual property case involving issues of patent validity and infringement.

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Software Project Failure Expert in CRM Implementations

A software project failure expert in Customer Relationship Management software implementations was needed for a breach of contract case.

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Operating System Architecture Expert for Patent Strategy

An operating system architecture expert was needed for patent strategy consultation.

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Information Technology Expert in Software Implementation

An information technology expert with experience in software implementation and customization was needed for a contract dispute.

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Physical Security Expert in Software Systems

A physical security expert in corporate security software systems was sought for a case alleging misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract.

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Software Expert in Application Development

A software expert with experience in spreadsheet application development was needed for a patent infringement case.

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ERP Expert in Software Maintenance

An ERP software expert with knowledge of software maintenance practices for enterprise software packages was needed for a copyright infringement case.

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IVR Expert in Telephone Switching Technologies

An IVR expert, or expert in interactive voice response technology with knowledge of telephone switching was needed for patent infringement litigation.