Standards & Practices

Standards and practices are the established norm or requirement for an industry or specialization.

Case Study

Mortgage Servicing Expert in Subprime Mortgages

A mortgage servicing expert was needed for a breach of contract case in subprime mortgages.

Case Study

Property Claims Handling Expert in Mold Damages

A property insurance claims handling expert was sought for insurance litigation involving hurricane damages.

Case Study

Disaster Recovery Expert in Business Continuity Planning

A disaster recovery expert in business continuity planning for information technology services was needed for a breach of contract action.

Case Study

Packaging Industry Expert – Cartel Allegations

A packaging industry expert was needed for antitrust proceedings alleging engagement in cartel activities in violation of competition law.

Case Study

Legal Fees Billing Expert

A legal fees billing expert was needed for arbitration involving a dispute over the reasonableness of legal billing and attorneys fees in an intellectual property matter.

Case Study

Bond Insurance Underwriting Standards Expert

A bond insurance underwriting standards expert was needed for an insurance dispute over claimed negligent underwriting in connection with financial guaranty insurance issued for a municipal bond.