Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is a field of engineering dealing with the analysis and design of structures that support or resist loads.

Case Study

Engineering Expert for Patent Consulting

An engineering expert with mechanical, industrial or general engineering and patent consulting experience was needed for a patent infringement case.

Case Study

Architectural Design Expert in Copyright Protections

An architectural design expert with knowledge of commercial architecture was needed for a misappropriation of trade secrets case involving copyrighted architectural design.

Case Study

Structural Engineering Expert in Wind Damage

A structural engineering expert with applied knowledge of wind damage was needed to provide failure analysis for a case alleging professional malpractice.

Case Study

Civil Engineering Expert in Construction Management

A civil engineering expert in construction management was sought for a fraud investigation involving public works buildings and construction projects in a major municipality.

Case Study

Forensic Engineering Experts in Structural Systems and Hurricane Damage

A forensic engineering expert in structural engineering with extensive knowledge of storm damage caused by hurricane conditions was requested.