Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the integratation of companies and corporations with the key business processes of a supply chain by exchanging information regarding market fluctuations and production capabilities.


How is AI Informing the Global Health and Business Response to 2019-nCOV?

While health organizations and communities race to diagnose, treat, and stem the spread of 2019-nCoV with new views provided by use of AI, businesses and markets are bracing for impact with many unknowns.

Case Study

Aviation Supply Chain Expert

An expert in aviation supply chain management was needed for a breach of contract dispute involving the manufacture and supply of aircraft structures and components.

Case Study

Inventory Management Expert in Contract Manufacturing

An inventory management expert was needed for a breach of contract suit.

Case Study

Drug Pricing Expert in Pharmaceutical Promotional Strategy

A drug pricing expert with experience in pharmaceutical promotional strategy was needed for a royalties dispute.

Case Study

Purchasing Expert in Vendor Confidentiality

A purchasing expert was needed to consult on issues of vendor confidentiality for a labor and employment case alleging tortuous interference in business relationships.

Case Study

Supply Chain Expert in Laser Diode Distribution

A supply chain expert with knowledge of laser diode distribution was needed for an unfair competition dispute before the International Trade Commission.

Case Study

Business Rules Management Expert in e-Commerce Software

A business rules management expert was requested for a misappropriation of trade secrets case involving an e-commerce software product.

Case Study

Counterfeit Products Expert for Trademark Infringement Case

A counterfeit products expert was needed for a trademark infringement action involving the manufacturing and distribution of counterfeit consumer products.

Case Study

Commercial Trucking Industry Expert for Distribution Contract Dispute

A commercial trucking industry expert was requested as a consultant on a breach of contract action between a chain of retail stores and the distribution company that supplied them.