Telecommunications Networks

A telecommunications network is a network of telecommunications links and nodes arranged so that messages may be passed from one part of the network to another over multiple links and through various nodes

Case Study

Graphical User Interface Expert in Hierarchical Navigation

A graphical user interface expert with hierarchical navigation and network management experience was needed for a patent infringement case.

Case Study

Telecommunications Network Architecture Expert in Video on Demand

A telecommunications network architecture expert was requested for patent litigation involving video on demand services provided by cable service providers.

Case Study

DOCSIS Standards Expert in Cable Modems

A DOCSIS standards expert was sought for a patent infringement case involving cable modems and cable television providers.

Case Study

Internet Telephony Expert in VoIP for Patent Infringement Case

An internet telephony system expert was needed for a patent infringement case asserting infringement over several patents.

Case Study

Cellular Technology Expert in Wireless Standards

A cellular technology expert was needed to review and evaluate cellular communications technology for an intellectual property patent valuation.

Case Study

Data Transmission Expert in Electronic Trading and E-Commerce Technology

A data transmission expert in wireless technology with extensive knowledge of data communications and developing eCommerce technologies was requested for a breach of contract matter.