Toxicology is the study of the adverse effects of chemicals on living organisms.

Case Study

Environmental Medicine Expert in Workplace Exposure

An environmental medicine expert was requested for a product liability suit involving construction materials.

Case Study

Occupational Health Expert in Environmental Exposure

An occupational health expert was sought to consult on a worker's compensation claim alleging environmental exposure to fiberglass, acetone and styrene.

Case Study

Toxicology Expert in Occupational Exposure

A toxicology expert was sought for a labor and employment case involving the toxicity of construction materials.

Case Study

Toxicology Expert in Groundwater Contamination

A toxicology expert in groundwater contamination was needed for a toxic tort case involving chlorinated solvents, especially trichloroethylene, TCE, and perchlorethylene, PCE.

Case Study

Environmental Toxicology Expert in Ammonium Perchlorate Contamination

An environmental toxicology expert in ammonium perchlorate contamination was sought for an economic damages case where an aerospace company was seeking contractual relief for environmental damages caused by its research.

Case Study

Environmental Science Expert in Aquatic Toxicology

An environmental science expert was needed for litigation consulting on a case involving regulatory standards for agricultural chemicals.