US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

The USPTO is the division of the US Department of Commerce that provides patent protection to inventors and businesses as well as provides patent protection to inventors and businesses.

Case Study

FDA Marketing Compliance Expert

An FDA marketing compliance expert was needed for a case involving allegations of pharmaceutical product mislabeling and failure to meet FDA regulations and requirements.

Case Study

Corporate Valuations Expert Involving Intellectual Property

A corporate valuations expert with experience evaluating commercial success was needed for a patent case.

Case Study

Industrial Design Expert in Patent Reexamination

An industrial design expert with patent reexamination knowledge was sought to consult on patents before the USPTO.

Case Study

Chemical Engineering Expert in Food Wrap Polymer Composites

A chemical engineering expert was needed to consult on the use of polymers in food storage products.

Case Study

Patent Examination Experts in the Patent Re-examination Process

A patent examination expert with knowledge of the patent re-examination process was requested for a patent infringement issue.