IMS Consulting & Expert Services Recruits Chief Operating Officer

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 20, 2018

IMS Consulting & Expert Services Recruits Chief Operating Officer

Focuses Efforts to Drive Continuous Performance and Growth

PENSACOLA, Florida – September 20, 2018 – Following an extensive national search, IMS Consulting & Expert Services welcomes Ralf Lorenzen as Chief Operating Officer. Lorenzen will lead the company’s Service Delivery, F&A, HR, IT, and Legal teams in support of IMS growth strategy for upcoming rounds of acquisitions, process improvement, growth, and hiring.

Prior to earning his MBA from Boston University, Lorenzen recalls interviewing for a chemical company shortly after earning his chemistry undergraduate degree. The three scientists conducting his interview instructed him to identify molecules to assess his qualifications for the job. During the interview, Lorenzen realized there was much more to his aspirations than molecular classification, and he found himself soon gravitating toward exploring team engagement and business systems.

With two decades of experience in process outsourcing under his belt, Lorenzen has worked intensely to both nurture companies through organic growth and shepherd mergers and acquisitions.
Lorenzen speaks to his success in leading global teams by pointing to the importance of servant leadership. “I believe in being fair to my team and making my team successful, help them evolve, support them.”
He most recently led a privately held business processing and IT outsourcing company to turnaround loss toward significant revenue growth. Earlier in his career, Lorenzen served in increasingly progressive global Vice President roles for a Fortune 500 professional services firm, leading operations for clients in over 40 countries and managing close to $1 billion in revenues.

One of Lorenzen’s first initiatives at IMS Consulting & Expert Services will see the development of a leadership program to help cultivate the company’s professional staff and leaders. He notes a lesson from one of his own mentors earlier in his career: “People are going to look at you, not your team,” said Lorenzen. “You can’t back pedal. You’re the one that hired them. They’re a reflection of you and your leadership.” Once soft-spoken, he has developed a knack to be straight-forward with his team to promote clarity in work expectations.

So far, Lorenzen has hammered down the barriers for success to reach new heights in growth, revenue, and profitability. With his help, IMS Consulting & Expert Services was recognized as one of the best companies to work for in America’s third most populous state. Lorenzen hopes to help IMS Consulting & Expert Services continuously improve, grow, and earn similar recognitions in the years to come.

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