FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 21, 2018


Pensacola, Fl. – December 21, 2018 – IMS ExpertServices was recently named “Go-To Thought Leader” by the National Law Review for the firm’s analysis and publications on issues and innovations impacting intellectual property and patent litigation. This award recognizes those with content authority in their industry. The recipient of this award contributes quality content sought by the Review’s readers for in-depth context on disruptive trends.

In early 2018, IMS launched a strategic industry intelligence initiative, and has since developed numerous insights that impact business for the world’s most influential attorneys in IP and patent litigation.

“We’re thrilled to maintain such a unique position in the industry as a conduit for our clients to the world’s most accomplished subject matter experts and thought leaders in disruptive areas of innovation like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and 5G,” commented Teresa Barber, IMS’ Director of Strategic Communications. “It’s an honor to serve as a guide for our clients in these areas, and to deliver useful, meaningful insights that help them anticipate trends, gain context, and stay competitive in their own practices.”

National Law Review traces its roots in legal publishing back to 1888 and continues to garner recognition as one of the “the highest volume business law websites in the United States.” The Review’s content seeks to inform attorneys and those in the legal industry about emerging trends surrounding the legal market.

To designate this round of inaugural awards, The Review’s editors analyzed 100,000 legal articles and publications and identified recipients from twenty different categories. IMS was selected for exceptional contributions and insights related to high-impact patent litigation and context on the intellectual property landscape.

“The support and trust our clients show in us is our highest honor,” remarked James Crane, Chief Relationship Officer for IMS. He continued, “We strive every day to assess and deliver the expertise and context our clients need to build and advance winning litigation strategies, and we are honored to serve as the go-to thought leader in patent litigation for National Law Review’s distinguished readership.”

IMS will continue to be the bridge to subject matter experts and remain authoritative in industry intelligence.

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About IMS ExpertServices 
IMS ExpertServices is a consultative expert services firm for the most influential global law firms, dedicated to offering rigorous research, strategic expert alignment, and ongoing services to position clients for success.

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