that teach and persuade

We bring your story into view to engage, educate, and persuade jurors.


Our Trial Consultants and Graphic Designers work together to conceive, design, produce the individual graphics that will deliver on the promise of your persuasion strategy. Their experience, education, and professional training allow them to quickly grasp both the details and the themes of your case and to synthesize these persuasive elements into a story that will resonate with your jury. Almost always, that story needs graphics that appeal to jurors’ Core Values and allow them to, quite literally, see exactly what you are saying.

After preparing thousands of cases for trial, we are experts in transforming complex fact patterns and complicated technical matters into easily understood, compelling, and persuasive visual presentations. We are also firm believers that whether you create a graphic or not, the process of stepping out of “Wordland” and thinking visually will profoundly affect how you understand and eventually present your case. Thinking visually allows lawyers to see patterns, connections, and analogies that words alone will never reveal. Graphics provide perspective and, if knowledge is power, perspective is the most powerful form of knowledge.

Without exaggeration, we are the industry’s thought leaders in visual advocacy. When the American Bar Association decided to publish on the subject, it came to us and we literally “wrote the book” on the subject, which is now in its second edition; Creating Winning Trial Strategies and Graphics, ABA Publishing, 2015.


Our reputation was built on providing clients with intelligent and creative visual solutions to their advocacy challenges. The art of information design, marketing and storytelling, coupled with the rules of effective informational architecture underlie each of our demonstratives. Our designs are clean, clear, and persuasive. Our team of Trial Consultants and Graphic Designers works together to ensure your demonstrative evidence is accurate, on time, looks great, and works even better. Also, since we know from experience the rules of evidence, your graphics are readily approved by judges, thereby ensuring your efforts are not wasted.

Proprietary Processes and Methods: Over 30 years, we have developed several unique, innovative, and sophisticated design theories and processes built on our understanding of how cases are won and how decision makers learn visually. They include:

  • The Five-Step Method for Visual Thinking
  • The Nesting-Doll Theory of Expert Testimony
  • The Theory of Toe-Hold Learning
  • Information Architecture in Trial Graphics
  • The Taxonomy of 12 Key Graphics

Implementing these, we help you simplify your case by focusing on what jurors need to evaluate, retain, and understand your case—and become your advocate.

Demonstrative Production: Great design engages, educates, and can more than double a juror’s ability to recall your evidence. Graphics are important tools that help decision makers become effective advocates for your side during deliberation. Our team can produce demonstrative evidence in any media: digital slides, trial boards, 2D/3D animation, physical models, and live demonstrations. We pioneered the use of interactive technology at trial and continue to be the leader in that area. Our media production arm can assist you or your expert witness in capturing evidence for later use using site measurement, audio recording, or videography and photography (in the studio, on location, or aerial).


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