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Seamless presentation is essential for today’s virtual trials, hearings, and arbitrations. The IMS trial technology specialists you rely on in the courtroom are ready to expertly manage your online legal proceeding. TrialLink® is our exclusive line of technical support services that will ensure your proceeding runs smoothly. With TrialLink®, world-class technicians can handle all aspects of the videoconference, so you will have peace of mind and can focus on advocating for your client.

Working with TrialLink®

TrialLink® virtual technology services include evidence presentation on behalf of one party, hosting of a full proceeding on behalf of all parties involved, or a combination of both virtual support models. All services can be conducted on a variety of videoconferencing platforms.

Virtual Evidence Display: Our experienced trial technicians will work on your behalf to ensure exhibits, depositions, and other demonstratives are displayed quickly and accurately. You can leave it to us to display the evidence or we can provide support as you display the evidence on your own. Either way, your presentation will be flawless.

Hosting of Remote Trials, Hearings, and Arbitrations: We can act as a neutral party to host your legal proceeding in its entirety. As host, we will manage the security of the proceeding, ensure all parties get connected and stay connected, and move participants into breakout rooms. Essentially, we will provide fluid event progression and peace of mind for all stakeholders.

Customized Service: Experienced trial technicians can both host a proceeding and operate displays on behalf of one party or both. Maybe you simply need video editing or document database creation—it’s your call. You will receive expert solutions for every legal service you require.

An online presentation run by TrialLink® technicians is the next best thing to being in the courtroom or conference room. We offer:

  • Real-Time Interaction – You can communicate in real-time, observe participants’ body language, and engage in private conversations via web-based breakout rooms.
  • Security – All parties and the court are connected to a secure, web-based meeting space that adheres to US Department of Justice security standards.
  • Experience – Seasoned technical professionals host and manage all aspects of the virtual trial, hearing, deposition, or arbitration.
  • Equipment – Parties can join the conference via computer, smartphone, or tablet. IMS can also provide you with a videoconference laptop.
  • Software – Videoconferences can be expertly conducted via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, Skype, or RingCentral.
  • Practice Sessions – We want you to feel confident. Take all the time you need to practice your presentation, as we display exhibits, so that by the day of your hearing, the process will be second nature.
  • Exhibit Presentation – All exhibits are displayed quickly and with precision. We can also provide video editing and document database creation services.
  • Reporter Access – Our system is easily accessible by remote reporters and facilitates the transcription process.

Recognition of Excellence

More than 95% of our business comes from repeat client firms.

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Senior Partner

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Am Law 200 Firm

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Am Law 100 Firm

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Am Law 200 Firm
Litigation Managing Partner

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Class Action & Securities Litigation Co-Chair

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Am Law 100 Firm

“I have found that using IMS provides me with a spectrum of potential industry or subject matter experts that my clients have not thought of. I have found several excellent testifying experts through you.”

Am Law 100 Firm

“A big thanks to you and your teams. The soil conditioning community is pretty small and insular, so finding this expert is a big win. Bonus points for Cambridge and the intelligent accent.”

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“There's no way on God's green earth that I would have found the expert that you brought to us. He's a perfect fit.”

Am Law 100 Firm

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Circuit Design & LEDs

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