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Trial Presentation
Persuasion and precision are at the core of our thought processes when we are working in the war room or the courtroom.
We meet your needs at precisely the right moment, yet we’re simultaneously thinking two steps ahead—and the result is a flawless, compelling case.

Trial Is a Team Event

Going to trial is our business—it is what we are most passionate about. Through nearly thirty years, we have hundreds of trials under our belt and we know that a successful trial team must work in perfect unison. We have the knowledge, perspective, experience, communication skills, and the stamina to pull together through the long days and nights of trial. We are the people you want to partner with in the war room and the courtroom.

We have supported clients in war rooms and courtrooms across the nation: from New York to San Diego, from Anchorage to Miami, and hundreds of gleaming cities and dusty towns in between. Every consultant at IMS is ready to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you, to be your partner, in any one of these places. You can trust us to know what we are doing and why, and to represent you and your client before the court and the jury with courtesy and professionalism.

Working with IMS Trial Presentation in the Trenches

War Room Support: Having the consulting team from IMS on-site multiplies the power and efficiency of your trial team. Communication is more efficient. Demonstratives are iterated more quickly and more accurately. Witnesses can be better prepared with in-person preparation sessions. Jury selection is more organized and thorough. Nightly exchanges run more smoothly and the inevitable revisions can be made on the spot. Additionally, friendships are forged based on shared experience and trust developed in the courtroom. This camaraderie is crucial not only for the current trial but for the many more the trial team will have together in the future.

Our Trial Consultants, Graphic Designers, and Trial Techs are valued members of your trial team: Generating creative ideas, producing demonstratives, managing evidence, editing deposition video, and helping to preparing witnesses. We are leaders, taking an active role in the planning and execution that goes into a successful war room. Our proudest moments in any war room are when senior members of the trial team acknowledge that we have everything under control and know exactly what needs to be done that night, and thus, they feel comfortable leaving early and getting an extra couple of hours of sleep.

Courtroom Support: Trial presentation is both an art and a science. Like all art, it requires training, patience, and practice to achieve perfection. Like science, it requires thorough planning and absolute attention to detail. Each of our Trial Techs has more than ten years of experience presenting evidence in trials, arbitrations, hearings, and mock trials. Each has done so between 100 and 300 times. They are experts at quickly finding and displaying documents and videos. You can feel confident that we will show the judge and jury exactly what you want them to see, precisely when you want them to see it.

Our professional Trial Techs are familiar with your case and committed to your success. These qualities show in all aspects of their courtroom work. They plan for perfection—but prepare for the unexpected. They are never rattled by courtroom technology glitches, last-minute edits, or unexpected calls for trial exhibits. You can be assured that our Trial Techs can handle the most unusual of courtroom events and keep the jurors focused on your presentation, not on the technology.

Virtual Support with TrialLink®: TrialLink® is our exclusive line of technical support services that will ensure your proceeding runs smoothly. An online presentation run by TrialLink® technicians is the next best thing to being in the courtroom or conference room. Visit our TrialLink® page to learn more.

IMS is the nation’s leading provider of trial and expert services for complex litigation. Our clients have exclusive access to the only fully-integrated portfolio of expertise and tools needed for trial.

Recognition of Excellence

More than 95% of our business comes from repeat client firms.

“I have been very pleased with the experts you have provided, and will advocate that we use your services again.”

IP Boutique Firm
Senior Partner

“Your expert's findings aided us in properly evaluating the case, which in turn assisted us in reaching an agreeable settlement of the matter. We were very pleased with the expert's capabilities.”

Am Law 200 Firm

“I have used IMS on several projects and have been very impressed with their responsiveness and the quality and depth of the potential experts that they have been able to locate to assist us in a wide range of litigation matters.”

Am Law 100 Firm

“I was very impressed with your approach and attention to my needs. You brought me top, non-conflicted experts, in a very narrow field that is rife with conflict issues, in a short period of time.”

Am Law 200 Firm
Litigation Managing Partner

“I was most impressed by how responsive you were.”

Am Law 100 Firm
Class Action & Securities Litigation Co-Chair

“Out of the several expert search firms I contacted for this search, there is no comparison as to quality of service and results I received from your firm. You all have done excellent work and I really appreciate it.”

Am Law 100 Firm

“It was a very good call to use your services to find such a focused expert for this case, and I am grateful for your services. Nice work!!”

Boutique Firm

“We've been working with several other expert companies, and I just have to let you know that you guys have FAR AND AWAY been the superior service in ALL aspects. We know that this was a narrow area of expertise, and the others had people call us out of the blue, that weren't remotely close to what we were looking for. This was my first time finding experts this way, and you guys have made my job really easy. Next time, I'll just have to make one call!”

Am Law 100 Firm

“I have found that using IMS provides me with a spectrum of potential industry or subject matter experts that my clients have not thought of. I have found several excellent testifying experts through you.”

Am Law 100 Firm

“A big thanks to you and your teams. The soil conditioning community is pretty small and insular, so finding this expert is a big win. Bonus points for Cambridge and the intelligent accent.”

Am Law 100 Firm

“Your experts are phenomenal... the opposing side hasn't come up with a rebuttal expert. I think they talk to potential experts who, upon finding out who our experts are, throw their hands up and say 'NO THANKS!'”

Am Law 100 Firm

“There's no way on God's green earth that I would have found the expert that you brought to us. He's a perfect fit.”

Am Law 100 Firm

“You're the most proactive agency I've ever worked with.”

Photonics & Fiber Optics Expert

“Got a very good case in the last few months - very good. IMS does a really good job.”

Healthcare Information Systems Expert

“I've worked with maybe two other firms, and you're head and shoulders above them all.”

Healthcare Economics & Damages Expert

“IMS does all the work of marketing us to the folks who call them. There are no real hurdles. If someone was to come to me about expert work, I would suggest IMS.”

Circuit Design & LEDs Expert

“If it wasn't for IMS, I wouldn't be in this business.”

Circuit Design & LEDs

“I think you offer a great service to the legal community, and you do it very professionally, and do the best you can to get the expert that fits the case. I haven't been given any cases that didn't fit my core competencies. You're very good at screening and matching me.”

Medical Sonography Expert

“IMS is a very respected firm. The process is quite simple and straightforward.”

Wireless Communications & Artificial Intelligence Expert

“IMS ExpertServices is the industry's best.”

Intellectual Property & Brand Dilution Expert

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