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We deliver a strategy development process that will enable you to communicate to the jury what happened, why they should care, and why you should win.


It is often said and widely agreed that successful attorneys must tell good stories. Of course, these stories are not works of fiction—they are true stories told in compelling ways and resulting in both understanding and empathy. Telling a good story requires the right perspective. One must be close enough to see the facts in sharp focus but distant enough to see how those facts form a coherent whole. IMS Strategy Advisors bring this perspective, gained through years of experience preparing thousands of cases, to help clients craft a story that will explain what happened, why jurors should care, and why you should win.

We specialize in helping you take boxes of documents filled with facts—something that very few people care about—and turn them into a legally relevant story that persuades because a good story is something people can understand and care about. We do that through our unique Mental Mining® process, which was developed over the past 30 years and is based on what we have seen work (and not work) in over 1,000 trials.


Our Strategy Advisors offer a variety of tools to assist clients, including:

  • Initial Case Evaluations are provided, after a brief review of the facts of the case, in a one-hour session during which we react to the known facts, proffered theories, optics, politics, etc. Based on our years of experience trying cases before juries, we provide our initial thoughts on challenges, opportunities, and possible next steps. This evaluation session can be a good time to discuss discovery strategies, settlement advocacy, expert witness requirements, venue analysis, jury research, and other services that might be needed.
  • Mental Mining® Strategy Sessions are half- or full-day guided discussions during which we ask probing questions, listen critically, challenge clients to clarify and distill case themes, and record the results. Together, we will develop the factual theory of the case, identify underlying themes, create our “story” for the jury, and sketch the critical demonstrative ideas for trial. Mental Mining® sessions are most valuable when performed early in the case, towards the end of discovery, but they can be conducted at any time and repeatedly in response to case developments.
  • Trial Summits are generally full-day sessions held shortly after the end of discovery but while there is still sufficient time before trial to make sure that all stakeholders are aligned on the facts, the legal strategy, trial themes, logistics, etc. The team decides between alternative theories and creates a detailed agenda for the trial presentation and items that must be accomplished prior to trial.
  • Advisory Sessions can be held at any time with a Strategy Advisor who will help prepare witnesses, participate in research exercises, work with others on key demonstratives, review opening statements or closing arguments, monitor the trial for real-time strategy adjustments, and participate in post-verdict analysis.

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