Trial Strategy

Plan To Win

We partner with you to identify and develop the persuasion strategies that will win.

The Trusted Leader In Connecting Strategy To The Tools Of Persuasion

Through our Mental Mining® process, we partner with you to identify and develop key themes and strategies to enhance the persuasiveness of your opening statements, witness presentations, and closing arguments. The result is a strategy action plan that helps your legal team craft a simple but powerful case story and, to the extent discovery is pending, helps counsel focus on those issues most likely to matter in presenting the case.

Working with you and your team, IMS will:

  • Facilitate a guided discussion — We explore subconscious associations to develop and refine a story that is understandable and persuasive to the decision maker
  • Ask probing questions — We help you think about what really matters in your case, the answers to which ultimately lead to more persuasive arguments
  • Listen critically — We listen to what is being said and what is being inferred, to make sure we pick up on important ideas and themes
  • Record images, analogies and other descriptions — We keep track of important moments that come up spontaneously as we examine the particulars of your case together
  • Challenge you — We will clarify your story or give constructive criticism when appropriate

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